New Parents and students Guidelines:

  • If you or your child are feeling sick, coughing or showing any symtoms, we ask that you please refrain from attending practice.
  • We are closing our viewing room for all practices. We ask that parents wait in their car or in our downstairs lobby for the time being. We do have buzzers for our front doors to alert us of any entries or alternatively, Please call us when you have arrived to pick up your child and we will escort them downstairs. It is still completely fine to enter the facility and speak with our admin staff when and if needed. 
  • All students are required to wash their hands or use Hand Sanitizer when entering our school and before stepping on to the mats.
  • All students must have on grip socks or indoor shoes. 
  • There is a NO Handshake, NO High-Five Policy in effect. (Bowing and Air-High-Fives will replace these.)
  • We have increased the number of Hand Sanitizer stations throughout the school and lobby. This is not a substitute for regular Hand Washing.
  • All students are to change at home as our change rooms are temporarily unavailable during this time. 
  • Face masks are highly recommended

Our staff will be:

  • Sending students home whom we suspect might be feeling unwell and ask for them not to return to practice for at least 3 days to ensure they are not sick.
  • We will be using an infrared thermometer to make sure students do not have a temperature or fever.
  • Cleaning all equipment that was touched by students between each class with our medical grade cleaner, which we already use throughout the facility.
  • Wiping down all chairs, door handles, and regularly touched surfaces with our medical grade cleaner between each class and at regular intervals.
  • There is a NO Handshake, NO High-Five Policy in affect.
    • Bowing and Air-High-Fives will replace these.
  • We have suspended all Sparring, wrestling and self-defense portions of our curriculum and will be focusing on Heavy Shields and Paddle Kicking to limit student contact. All of which will be cleaned with our medical grade cleaner between each use.
  • All our staffs will be wearing face masks for your protection