Our Instructors

Master Diane Tonner

The skills you learn on your journey to black belt are skills that are reflected in everyday life such as school, work, how you interact with people and the decisions you make.

Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-control and Indomitable Spirit are the tenets of taekwondo and my goal for every student to I teach to learn. I love that Taekwondo is an inclusive sport as well; each person reaches goals at their own pace. I have taught many students facing challenges and watched each of them succeed on their own time. Some of the challenges they faced included severe vision impairment, hearing impaired, developmentally challenged/learning disabilities such as autism, downs syndrome, ADD/ADHD etc.



  • 4th Dan Black Belt, Kukkiwon Certified
  • Practicing Taekwondo 13 years
  • 9 years instructing experience
  • 7 years Taekwondo Program Director
  • 6 coaching experience – all levels recreational to Provincial high performance level.
  • Certified First Aid and CPR
  • University of Calgary – Concussion Prevention, Detection and Management Diploma
  • NCCP AI certified
  • NCCP Dojang Coach certified
  • Currently accepted to and participating in Taekwondo Canada Performance Coach Certification Program
  • Taekwondo Canada Respect in Sport Certified
  • Member of Taekwondo Ontario and Taekwondo Canada
  • Taekwondo Canada Global Licensed Coach and Athlete
  • Certified Taekwondo Ontario Kyorgui Referee
  • Certified Taekwondo Ontario Poomsae Referee
  • 2017 Ontario Provincial Championship – Individual Poomsae Silver
  • 2018 Ontario Provincial Championship – Individual Poomsae Gold
  • 2019 Ontario Provincial Championship – Individual Poomsae Gold
  • Local/Regional High Performance Tournaments 2019:
  • Jung Ko Canadian Classic – Gold
  • Sport TKD Championship – Gold
  • Phoenix Memorial Cup – Gold
  • Son’s Premier TKD Championship – Gold
  • Toronto Open TKD Championship – Gold

Instructor Kyle Charles


  • 2 x Ontario Junior Gold medalists
  • 2 x National Medalist (bronze)
  • Competed at Canada and US Open

Local tournaments:

  • Sports tkd 1st place
  • Ultimate taekwondo championship 1st
  • 2 x Niagara open tkd championship 1st
  • 4x Battle of warriors 1st
  • Sons premier tkd championship 1st

Instructor Cameron Gilbert

Practicing taekwondo for over 8 years, Instructor Cameron Gilbert has achieved her 3rd Dan Black Belt and competed in several tournaments. Along with coaching at local tournaments, Instructor Cameron has been a part of demonstration teams and performed taekwondo demonstrations at various events and showcases.

She continues to work at Royal Taekwondo in our summer camp and afterschool program, with consistent goals of helping our students succeed in finding a passion for taekwondo, achieving their fullest potential, and being a positive role model.


  • 3rd Dan Black Belt, Kukkiwon Certified
  • Certified in Standard First Aid and CPR-C
  • 8+ years of taekwondo experience
  • 5 years of volunteering in taekwondo-related events, showcases, and activities
  • HIGH-FIVE (Principles of Healthy Child Development) Certified

Local Tournaments:

  • Jung Ko Canadian Classic – Bronze
  • Toronto Open TKD Championship – Bronze

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